Platform Lay-out & Smart Contract

INVERSE is a counter-volatility DeFi protocol that allows users to benefit from the volatility of select DeFi assets. Users gain rewards when these assets drop in value. INVERSE is powered by an open source smart-contract and is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The INVERSE smart-contract will be coded from the ground up and will be closely reviewed throughout this process by leading developers in the industry. Subsequently, a detailed third-party audit of the contract will be performed in order to limit possible future security and safety risks.

Design Architecture for the Inverse Smart Contract

The protocol will require users to connect a Web3 enabled browser (i.e.MetaMask) in order to access it. We will utilize a leading oracle provider to access external data sources and to sync the latest market prices with the smart-contract.

XIV Token: Required token to be used for staking against DeFi coins and swapping on the INVERSE platform.

Swapping: The Swap function allows users to easily swap Ethereum or USDT for XIV Tokens. This happens via a smart contract.

Staking Function: The smart-contract’s staking function will be executed on a rolling basis. This means that staking can occur at all times, and different users can have different positions at different times. The smart contract will make a time stamp whenever a position is created. At the end of the staking period, the contract will either release rewards to the user or send forfeited XIV to the Liquidity Pool as per the conditions met.

- Step 1: Transfer ETH to the platform and swap for XIV

- Step 2: Select method of Staking (Fixed or Flexible / DeFi coins or Index)

- Step 3: Select drop-value if Flexible vaults chosen

- Step 4: Select XIV amount and begin staking for 7 days (10,080 minutes)



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