Project Inverse: Taking Advantage of Downward Market Movement

Anyone that’s been dabbling around investing in traditional markets or decentralized markets will recognize the euphoric feeling when your assets increase in value. Those who have been around in the cryptocurrency market long enough to experience Bitcoin’s explosive growth over the years have experienced the hysteria and excitement that goes along with a market that’s going up. However, anything that goes up will come down eventually. Wouldn’t it be great if you could extend that euphoria even when the market turns bearish?

Introducing Project Inverse

Project Inverse came to live after a selected group of seasoned DeFi professionals came together and started brainstorming about the current market. Everyone agreed that we’re currently living in legendary times. The cryptocurrency market has yet to explode, but it’s finally catching on the way many people have been predicting for years now. The rise of Decentralized Finance proves the interest from institutions and more recently, the influx of retail investors that are in search of ways to battle inflation. Whenever people are expecting it the least, the market will take a turn, and that’s where Project Inverse comes in.

Inverse is a decentralized protocol that allows individuals to take advantage of the downward moves of select assets. Rather than going short on certain assets, Inverse came up with a manner to benefit from downward movement without taking any money in custody. The protocol is powered by the XIV token; a free-floating, inverse-yielding ERC-20 token.

How does the protocol work?

You might wonder, if it’s not simply going short, how else can I benefit from a market that’s decreasing in value? In respect to the popular Yield Farming, Inverse uses Ethereum smart-contract that allows users to gain yield from the drop in value of a select group of DeFi coins. The logistics behind the scene might be complex, but in practice it’s rather user-friendly. All you have to do is stake your XIV tokens on the platform in the ‘Tracking Vaults’. These vaults track the real-time price movements of certain coins such as $UNI, $AAVE, $YFI and others. After just 7 days, the value of the asset will be determined. When the price is lower than before, you’ll gain a significant yield paid out in XIV tokens.

There are two types of vaults; fixed faults and flexible faults. The difference here is that it’s either the protocol or the user choosing what percentage drop they’re wagering on. These values may differ from -3% to -7%. Whenever the price does not drop as hard as you predicted, you’ll have to pay a certain fee. This fee will be paid out in your staked XIV tokens, thus you’ll never have to pay additional fees like in the traditional markets. The above is illustrated properly in the table beneath.

The XIV Token

In the center of the entire protocol, we have the XIV token. The token is essential for unlocking the protocol tracking vaults and simultaneously acts as a proxy for the DeFi tokens being tracked. XIV also serves as a medium through which all the major functions of the platform like staking, swapping, and disbursing yield, are carried out.

Since the XIV tokens play a central role in our entire ecosystem, we’ve thought of innovative ways to properly distribute the token among our users. We’ll be minting 90 million tokens and divide those into four different categories; advisors, team, staking reserves & token management and the token sale itself.

We’ll be sharing more details about the XIV token soon, including information regarding the private sale and crowdsale.

Who’s behind Project Inverse?

We are a group of scientists, financial experts, blockchain developers, futurists, tech entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts from across the globe. Collectively, we believe in the power of decentralized digital assets to change the world. Besides our experienced team members, we’re delighted to have the support of established projects such as Ferrum Network, TLG Ventures, Certik Foundation and the Sefa Foundation.

Stay in the loop!

We’re excited about the upcoming period as we’ll be releasing a bunch more content and exciting news around our project. We can’t wait to reveal what we have coming up, but it’s all about waiting for the right moment. For now, make sure to follow us on all of our channels and stay tuned to what is yet to come!



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